As the title says, I was wondering whether it would be correct/okay to say "raise awareness about an issue". Specifically the about is leaving me confused.

I guess you could use of or for (can you?), but I don't like the way that sounds, compared to about.

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All three prepositions can be used after raise awareness but not necessarily in the same context.

Which you choose depends partly on preference and partly on what you want to say. Of and about are generally interchangeable (although in most cases I would opt for of).

Illustrative examples are:

We need to raise (the public's) awareness of the fire danger this summer.

We need to raise (the public's) awareness about the need to take fire precautions.

For can be used as a preposition or a conjunction meaning because.

We need to raise awareness for there is much at stake.

We need to raise awareness for the sake of the nation's future.


Yes, you can. It is quite common.


To raise awareness about _____ is correct. 'Of' might be possible, perhaps in the UK(?), but in US/Canada I'm confident everyone uses 'about'.


Google Ngram Viewer shows that 'raise awareness of' is more than three times as common than 'raise awareness about'. 'Raise awareness about' is used slightly more in AmEng and slightly less in BrEng.

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