I think "scenery" is uncountable and the dictionary says it is.

Nevertheless the sentence "What a beautiful scenery!" sounds correct to me.

Should I rather say: "What some beautiful scenery!"

Which one is correct?

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"According to English grammar, it must be used without article because 'scenery' is an uncountable noun."

"What some beautiful scenery!"


"What a beautiful scenery!"

Only slightly incorrect.

"What beautiful scenery!"


"What a beautiful scene!"

Also fine.


Both are grammatically correct, but I'd say what beautiful scenery, without some, is the one that serves the meaning you're trying to express better.

some there quantifies the noun, and that would make it sound that being beautiful may not be the source of the speaker's excitement, but is rather mentioned as a defining quality, and makes unclear then the wow factor to that beautiful scenery.

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