What are the parallels for the adverb 'visually' when talking about hearing and smelling?

Here are some examples:

I can explain it to you more visually. (for eyes)

I can explain it to you more -? - (for ear).

They are sounds more masculine, -?- (for ear)

I can explain it to you more -?- (for nose).

It can be more understood, -?- (for nose)

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Relevant adjectives and adverbs below

hearing ⟹ auditory ⟹ auditorily or auditorially

smell ⟹ olfactory ⟹ olfactorily

Note that neither of these adverbs seems to be in common use (and in fact my online dictionary marks them as incorrect spelling). You may be better off rephrasing the sentence to use the adjectives.

I can better explain it to you through auditory cues.

Also, this kind of use sounds somewhat clinical, like a scientific researcher. In common conversation it would sound more natural to say:

You will better understand it if you listen to it.

If you smell it, you'll understand.

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  • @Perplexedfolks fixed it. It's just an Ngram chart showing relative use.
    – Andrew
    Dec 22, 2018 at 15:52

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