In this drawing lesson at around 13:16, the drawing teacher (artist) draws one line back and then the second line down and explain:

enter image description here

So gesture going back, gesture going down.

What is 'gesture' for him (direction? or movement? or direction of movement?)and why he say 'going' I mean why not 'is going' or 'goes'?


It sounds like he's just omitting some of his sentence, meant to be a command.

So, [perform a] gesture going back, [and] a gesture going down.

This could really be interpreted in a few ways, but either way, the meanings are similar.

In this case, "going" is used like a preposition. He's using it to show the direction of the gesture from its starting point.

  • 'going - a preposition' it is beyond the mind of not native speaker. Can you clarify what else can be like a preposition? – Vitaly Dec 25 '18 at 17:57

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