I'm not a native-speaker, so sometimes future tense (be going to, will) is tricky to me.

a. If it rains this weekend, I'm gonna stay home.
b. If it rains this weekend, I will stay home.

c. If this happens again, they're gonna lose everything.
d. If this happens again, they will lose everything.

I wrote some sentences with be going to and will. So, which are correct in these sentences? All of them correct or interchangeable? Are some awkward?

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Both structures are possible, depending on what you want to say.

Will is used for:

  • decisions made at the moment of speaking (e.g. I'll open the door!)
  • predictions (I think it will be cold)
  • offers or willingness (I will stay at home if it rains - will shows your willingness)
  • requests (will you do me a favor?)
  • firm intentions, promises (I will always love you)
  • threats (I will kill you!)
  • facts about the future (Christmas will fall on Monday next year)

To be going to is used for:

  • intentions, plans (I'm going to stay at home if it rains)

  • saying that something in the future is possible because of something in the present (It's going to snow)

  • predictions, especially when there is evidence (this building is going to collapse - it's so old!)

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