I'm not a native-speaker, so sometimes future tense (be going to, will) is tricky to me.

a. If it rains this weekend, I'm gonna stay home.
b. If it rains this weekend, I will stay home.

c. If this happens again, they're gonna lose everything.
d. If this happens again, they will lose everything.

I wrote some sentences with be going to and will. So, which are correct in these sentences? All of them correct or interchangeable? Are some awkward?


Both structures are possible, depending on what you want to say.

Will is used for:

  • decisions made at the moment of speaking (e.g. I'll open the door!)
  • predictions (I think it will be cold)
  • offers or willingness (I will stay at home if it rains - will shows your willingness)
  • requests (will you do me a favor?)
  • firm intentions, promises (I will always love you)
  • threats (I will kill you!)
  • facts about the future (Christmas will fall on Monday next year)

To be going to is used for:

  • intentions, plans (I'm going to stay at home if it rains)

  • saying that something in the future is possible because of something in the present (It's going to snow)

  • predictions, especially when there is evidence (this building is going to collapse - it's so old!)

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