"Talking about milestones and achievements makes everyone feel involved and positive, and it also shows how hard you worked for the company without making you seem arrogant."

Why at the above context there is "makes everyone feel" and there is not "make everyone feels"


The main verb is makes. It is third person singular, so it takes the appropriate ending -s.

Make in this sense has the structure make [noun phrase] [bare infinitive] [possible arguments of the infinitive verb]. There is no reason why it has to have this shape, it just does (hear has the same structure eg "I heard him go out"; but want has a different structure, requiring the "to" infinitive, eg "I want him to leave").

So feel is in the bare infinitive, i.e. the base form feel.

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It would be feel. This pattern with make will always be complemented by the bare infinitive.

Make it go

Make it seem

Make them feel

Make the engine stall

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