Can anybody help me with meaning of "on a simplistic level", for example in:

People travel more. What are the causes?

The reasons are many and varied. On a simplistic level, there are a larger number of means of transportation. However this is not enough to explain this increase.

On a simplistic level, one may be inclined to ask: "Why not?"

I could not find any definition in the Internet.

  • It is synonymous with "on the surface" and "at first glance". Can you work out its meaning now? – Alexdanut Dec 28 '18 at 12:10

Simplistic means more than just 'simple'; it means that what it's describing is overly simple, that the actual situation is complex and difficult but it's being treated as though it has a single obvious answer.

In this context, 'level' refers to how deeply you are looking at the situation. You can consider only the most obvious elements that can be observed with a brief examination, or you can focus on the complex subtleties and realize that you missed a lot in that first look.

So the phrase "on a simplistic level" means "looking at only the obvious elements of the situation, ignoring any complicating factors".

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