What means “Do I ever get to be upset? Do I ever get to be anyone but me?” I have no idea how to use these ‘Do I ever~’ thing...

  • To "get to do" something can mean "have the opportunity to do" something, or "be allowed to do" something. "Do I ever get to..." can be a complaining way of saying "I am never allowed to..." , but without some examples from you of text you do not understand, we cannot tell you much. – Michael Harvey Dec 28 '18 at 17:47
  • The form Do I ever get to [verb]? is usually a "rhetorical question", where the speaker is complaining that although others are able to [verb] (or be verbed), he never gets a chance to do the same. So OP's example is a fairly unlikely utterance, since most people wouldn't have a problem with not getting upset. There's also the somewhat dated usage Do you love him? Do I ever! (an exclamation, not a question) which is simply an emphatic agreement (I really, really love him!). – FumbleFingers Dec 28 '18 at 18:36

"I get to ... [verb]" is an idiom meaning, "I am allowed to ... [verb]".

Derived from that are: "I never get to ... " (I am never allowed to ... "; and "Do I ever get to ... ?" (Am I ever allowed to ... ?)

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