Is this sentence correct? Is it possible to use present subjunctive?

You won't learn English unless it (should) be important for you.

I have come across this one as well.

The native protein is glycosylated and runs with an apparent molecular mass of kDa on SDS-PAGE, but the sugar mass is not believed to contribute to the target size unless it should be important for transport activity which seems unlikely as the N-glycosylation has no impact on the transport activity of GLAST.

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    In modern English (unlike in Shakespeare's English), unless does not take the subjunctive the way it does in many other languages. – Peter Shor Jan 1 '19 at 19:15

The cited example is a clumsy / antiquated form of "subjunctive", which in any case requires Past Tense / "hypothetical" wouldn't (=would not) rather than won't (=will not)...


...which would be better today phrased as [You wouldn't...] unless it were to be...


Or more informally, forget the subjunctive and just use unless it is / was. In the specific context, Present Tense (referencing a hypothetical "future") is more natural...

You won't learn English unless it is important for to you.

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