As part of a task I make, I sometimes use a site I moderate to contact the users, asking them to reply on a specific page on that site (the one I link).

In some cases, I get a message via email, and this not where I want the reply, since I don't usually read the email as often as I visit that site to check any changes on the posts where I partecipate. I get that, since I write Please reply on [link to the page]. they understand it as Please reply to this message about the issue reported on [link to the page].

Is there a way to make clearer I am asking them to post their reply/comment on the page I link?


One possibility is:

Please post your reply on this website in the form of reply/comment instead of sending it to my email. Thanks!

This means:

You want a comment/ reply on the site


not an email containing the answer

I believe this could make your message clear. Hope this helps!

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