I'm uncertain which is the proper writing for x/y/z-coordinates :

  • With a space, like so : X Coordinate? Or with a hyphen (X-Coordinate)?
  • Capitalize X or leave it lower case? I tend to choose lower case.
  • Capitalize "Coordinate"? I guess no.

My favourite until now is "x-coordinate".


The "x" is the mathematical symbol. In mathematical use, variables are written with italic. However, this typographical nice effect is not always used. In mathematics the uppercase a different symbol from the lowercase. For example V might be "volume" but v is velocity. The x is lowercase. Try to avoid starting a sentence with a mathematical symbol; rephrase if you have to.

We normally hyphenate between the x and the word. So you can write.

The x-coordinate shows the position on the x-axis.

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