I want to express an increase in annual sales of my company from 2013 to 2018. I have written the following sentence. I don't know why, but I feel that it's somehow strange, isn't it? If so, any suggestion.

I am proud to announce that the annual sales volume of my company in the 2018 financial year is(or has become) seven times(or sevenfold) as high as(or higher than) that in 2013.


You may rephrase as follows:

I am proud to announce that the sales volume of my company in financial year 2018 is seven times as much as that in 2013.

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    A high sales volume is correct, so a comparative form works - higher, as high as. I'd prefer higher than in the OP's original. It's also 2019, so, 2018 "was" – Matt Jan 1 at 21:45
  • A company is likely to simplify the statement to something like: sales in 2018 showed a 700% improvement on 2013 or ....were seven times greater than in 2013. – Ronald Sole Jan 1 at 22:40

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