I thought I made a mistake and inputed the word 'clip' in the search box and I saw that I hit the snipping tool which was really what I wanted.

But the question arises:

Are clip and snip in this scenario a synonym? Or it has just learned to adjust to my habit? I thought I may have entered 'clip' before and just found I was wrong and then entered 'snip' and it therefore leaned to correct me silently, which seems horrible to me as an English learner.

What's going on?

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    Based on the title, thought this was going to be about a Clippy easter egg. – Shufflepants Jan 3 '19 at 16:56
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    "It looks like you're searching for a way to reanimate my digital corpse. Can I help you with that?" – Beska Jan 3 '19 at 18:26

Screen clipping and snipping are synonymous in this context, and both are used by Microsoft. All copies of Microsoft Windows from version 7 onwards will display this behaviour.

While the built-in screenshot tool in Windows 7 and up is called the Snipping tool, a functionally identical tool is found in Microsoft Office programs under the heading Screen clipping (Look at Insert > Screenshot > Screen clipping). Microsoft therefore thought it prudent to tag the Snipping tool with the word clip and derivatives as well.

Both terms carry similar connotations of cutting part of something away from the larger body.

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