In my point of view, skipping the same verb in one sentence makes it more poetry-like and native.

Here is my phrase:

The sky is your limit and the sea is your birth place.

Could it be modified to:

The sky is your limit and the sea your birth place.

I hope you can get the sense of what I am trying to figure out.

  • Yes, that's fine. Also, although comma splices are normally considered things to be avoided, this is a situation where it would likely be considered acceptable. (Because of how succinct and understandable it is.) So, you could also say: The sky is your limit, the sea your birth place. Jan 4 '19 at 5:54

As far as I know you can do that always.

Jack swims in the beach and I in the pool

If it's obvious you can even not say the verb. Look at this conversation:

-Where are you swimming in?

+I in the pool and Jack in the beach

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