How can I say "to say something to someone that reveals something significant about a piece of media or a piece of software"? Should I say "to spoiler", "to do a spoiler", "to spoil"…? Are both correct?


It's used mainly as a noun: "I gave a short description of the movie to my friend. Unfortunately, my description contained a spoiler".

However, Wiktionary says that you can also use the verb spoil in this sense:

to spoil (transitive) To reveal the ending of (a story etc.); to ruin (a surprise) by exposing it ahead of time.

"These include a brief but showstopping (and trailer-revealed) scene where Vanellope crashes a Disney Princess reunion, packed with gags and references that should send both young and old fans into paroxysms of glee. The princess confab also leads into a scene featuring Vanellope and the cast of Slaughter Race that probably shouldn’t be spoiled."

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