What is the meaning of Synonym in this context?

Nowadays modern mobile users are very exigent – they want great, unique Material design, in-app maps, fast and precise geolocation, social (let’s use synonym – Facebook 🙂 ) sign-in and so on…

I didn't look up a dictionary because I already know what "synonym" means, but I can't fit that meaning to this context. I was expecting "let’s use app– Facebook".

Why does the author use the word "synonym"? What do they want to imply?

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    Have you looked up the word in the dictionary? Do you suspect that it has a specific alternate meaning in this context?
    – Tashus
    Jan 4 '19 at 6:28
  • @Tashus - I didn't look up dicationary becasue I know synonyms means same word. But here is something different saying. I was expecting let’s use app– Facebook 🙂
    – r15
    Jan 4 '19 at 6:39
  • Next time please explain in more detail why you find this or that phrase odd. Jan 4 '19 at 7:52

Users want social sign-in

Is almost synonymous to

Users want Facebook sign-in

Because Facebook is the predominant social network.

Thus the author says:

Users are very demanding nowadays. When a user selects a new app for his smartphone, he wants this app to have a social network sign-in feature. Oh, well, let's just use a synonym. He wants it to have a Facebook sign-in feature.

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