Which prepositions should we use when we're talking about websites? For example:

Register On StackExchange / Register AT StackExchange

Trade ON Forex / Trade AT Forex

Answer questions ON Quora / Answer Questions AT Quora

Which one is correct? Thanks


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Files are said to reside on a hard drive or on a certain machine. Since I know that a website is made of computer files, I think of a website as being on a machine and so any part of the website is also on that machine.

A website's "address" is a "Uniform Resource Locator" or URL. These terms connote the idea of website as "place". In this case the file would be at the website location.

So, if you think of a website as it is actually constructed (files stored on hard drives), you will probably say on.

If you think in the location metaphor, you will probably say at.

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