Why do you say 'In the Christmas holydays' instead of 'At Christmas holydays'?

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    First of all, it should be either holy days or holidays. Second, I think that at is more common with just Christmas. Last, I'd say that it's during or over that's more common with Christmas holidays. In short, I'd say that in is not used more frequently. – Jason Bassford Jan 6 at 19:36
  • Thank you Jason, I had not seen it before. – Mati M Jan 6 at 19:51
  • We do (still) sometimes use at in this context. But actually, as this NGram shows, we usually use over rather than in these days. There's no meaningful reason for the choice though - it's just the way things are. – FumbleFingers Jan 6 at 20:58
  • Thank you very much Fumblefingers. – Mati M Jan 6 at 21:56

Prepositions (like at or in) are used used sightly differently across languages, so a lot of people get confused. When you're talking about a certain holiday (spelled with an I, not a Y), you would usually say on or at. When you're talking about a group of holidays or a season, you would usually use during or over, which can also be used with just one holiday.
Thus, you would say:
• on Christmas
• during the holidays/the holiday season
• during Christmas
But not:
• on the holidays/the holiday season
I hope this helped.

  • A lot Robert, thank you very much. – Mati M Jan 7 at 18:34

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