Situation: you just watched a video of a baby crying incessantly, which you thought that you might be like the baby when you were at that age (now you are an adult). You express this as:

"It's possible that I used to be like that."

Is the phrase correct in relation to what I'm really trying to say?

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    Sounds fine to me, although I can't imagine you saying it as anything other than a question addressed to your parents, "Was I ever like that?" or "I was never like that, was I?" – Andrew Jan 7 at 3:27
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    It's technically OK, but you would need to tell us who you are saying it to, and in what context, to determine if it would be appropriate. possible may not be the right word, since most all of us were like that as babies, at some point. – user3169 Jan 7 at 6:33

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