Should I use have or has in this sentence?

The tree that grow in front of my house ______ (have or has) a big leaves.

Which one is correct?

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  • The subject here is SINGULAR the tree. So it's a tree that grows, and that has big leaves. Grow and have are used for plural subjects. – FumbleFingers Jan 9 at 13:49
  • English lacks an indefinite plural article so one would say "big leaves" and not "a big leaves". – james Jan 9 at 13:55

The answer to your question is has: A tree has leaves, but trees have leaves.

(If the subject is singular – like tree – we use has; if the subject is plural – like trees – we use have.)

There are quite a few other problems with your sentence, but we don't do proofreading here. Sorry, but I'm afraid you can't just post a sentence and ask us to find or correct errors. Questions that do that are normally promptly put on hold.

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