Is it correct to say : I'm not able to ask any specific questions?

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  • Welcome to ELL! Why do you think this might not be correct? If you edit your question to include the detail explained in the link above we should be able to take it off hold. – ColleenV Jan 9 at 11:45
  • "I'm not able to ask any specific questions" (without a question mark), is a statement which is grammatically correct and proper English. The meaning is somewhat unusual. "Am I not allowed to ask any specific questions?" is a question, which is grammatical. Are you intending a question or a statement? Do you mean "allowed"? What is the context, in general? – Sam Jan 9 at 19:04
  • It's a statement. Trying to explain that there are some reasons and obstacles i can't ask any questions and discuss. – Dessita Yankova Jan 10 at 12:37

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