What is the correct choice of preposition here:

Student of Industrial Engineering


Student at Industrial Engineering

or anything else?

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  • "Of", but you'll have to add more detail so we can understand why this is confusing for you. – Andrew Jan 9 at 21:00
  • I mean as an occupation – MAHBUB RAFI Jan 9 at 21:14
  • Yes, we know. Can you add more detail which you think might be correct, and which is incorrect, and why? Perhaps it's related to something you read in an English textbook, or on a website? – Andrew Jan 9 at 21:16
  • as Linkedin headline what can I use? – MAHBUB RAFI Jan 9 at 21:19
  • 1
    @MAHBUBRAFI What Andrew means is that you should provide more linguistical context for the confusion or uncertainty you are experiencing. For example, I'm not sure that "of" is correct, because doesn't "of" show possession? This site works best when questions focus on some aspect of English that is unclear rather than on some specific text where the correct word is not known. – Tashus Jan 9 at 21:27

If you study industrial engineering, you are a student of industrial engineering.

If you study at an institution, university, school or company named Industrial Engineering, you are a student at Industrial Engineering.


"Student of Industrial Engineering" is OK. "Student at ... " does not sound good, at least in US style English. Best in my opinion would be, "Industrial Engineering student."

  • There isn't enough context in the question, as commented. – Weather Vane Jan 9 at 22:13

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