Like how you can say:
'I said it first' to mean that you said something first.

Can you also say:
'I said it second' to mean that you said something second? and would it sound natural?

I apologise in advance if this question sounds ridiculous.


Dictionaries do offer definitions of second as an adverb, but the meaning is usually different than the one you're looking for, for instance:

1 : in the second place : secondly
//These two kinds of image … have a powerful appeal for us, first, because we are all … inevitably concerned about our fate, and second, because our concern is itself twofold…

2 : before all others with one exception
//the nation's second largest city
//They are my second favorite band.



  1. in the second place, rank, group, etc.


(as in, "she finished second")

That said, sentences like "I said it second" are very common. The fact that I can't find this meaning in any dictionary seems to confirm my suspicion that this is an informal use of second.

In other words, it's natural, but I probably wouldn't use it when writing a paper.

  • Yeah, I couldn't find a definiton for this usage either. Thank you! – FrostC0 Jan 9 at 23:35

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