I found this.

China is North Korea’s biggest trading partner by some margin.

That means the trading amount is nearly 0?


If you look at the list of trading partners, China is by far the largest compared to the rest. By some margin here means by a considerable margin:

North Korea's Top Trading Partners:

China: US$1.7 billion (90.8% of total North Korean exports)

Pakistan: $29.2 million (1.6%)

India: $26.1 million (1.4%)

France: $12.4 million (0.7%)


large amount or number of something:

  • It'll be some time before we meet again.

  • We discussed the problem at some length.

(Cambridge Dictionary)

  • Oh~~~~, Finally I got it. It looks like 2 pieces of paper, one on the other. One almost covers another by there is a margin. – Zhang Jan 10 at 7:34

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