Virtual address: logical address in execution time binding which is different from the respective physical address

Is execution time binding an adjective clause?

Or where should I put comma? for example can I put comma before which?

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"Execution time binding" could be made less ambiguous by hyphenating the first two words: "execution-time binding". Neither of these is an adjective clause, but "in execution time binding" is a prepositional phrase acting as an adjective.

You may insert a comma before "which", but you are not required to do so, especially in what appears to be the context of a glossary, which is written in terse sentence-fragments rather than long, complex sentences. There is nowhere else in the expression where a comma would fit.

The whole phrase means that a virtual address is a logical address, as bound at execution time, and is not the same as the "real" physical address to which it refers.

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