I came across this the other day, but found this strange:

It is never boring going into space. You get to experience...

Should it be:

It is never boring to go into space? You get to experience...

If both are possible, can anyone tell the difference in usage or meaning, or why do both have the same meaning?

Thanks a lot!

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    I prefer going, but accept both of them as natural. I see no difference in meaning. – Colin Fine Jan 11 at 14:15
  • It's an extraposition construction. Generally, gerund-participials extrapose less readily than infinitivals, but the one here sounds alright to me. Some may find it only marginally acceptable. – BillJ Jan 11 at 15:35
  • @BillJ Thanks for your comment, but could you please further elaborate on it? I don't really understand the terms that you have mentioned. Also, consider posting this as an answer! Thank you very much – Omega Krypton Jan 12 at 4:22

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