What are the grammatical role and meaning of the "looking that" in the following sentences?:

One other painting I really want you to look at is of a young woman surrounded by pumpkins. You will notice that the woman's face is so realistic looking that it's almost like a photograph. The woman's nose is a little less than perfect and her hair is kind of messed up. This is realism.

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    "Looking that" is not a coherent phrase here. Instead, "the woman's face is so realistic-looking" is similar to "the woman's face looks so realistic". – Gary Botnovcan Jan 12 at 2:51

You have not split the words up correctly. It should be read:

the woman's face is so realistic-looking, that it's almost like a photograph

The compound "realistic-looking" is an adjective, that describes the face in the painting. The whole phrase has the same structure as:

it is so hot that it burns.

The word "that" is a conjunction. It introduces a subordinate clause that expresses an effect.

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