In Hebrew I don't know the translation of evaluate:
What is correct (and why?):
(1) evaluate equation
(2) evaluate expression
(3) evaluate formula

Can you give more example when we use the verb evaluate in math?

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    Assuming that a dictionary definition isn't helping with the meaning of evaluate, I don't understand the distinction you're trying to make between the three sentences. You can use any number of nouns after evaluate. The three used in your sentences are only a small number of possibilities. If you're actually asking for a list of nouns, that's beyond the scope of this site. (Also note that you haven't given actual sentences—and all three phrases are missing some grammatical elements. Evaluate (an / the / this / that) expression, for instance.) – Jason Bassford Jan 13 at 3:32

Typically, you would say solve an equation, but when it comes to expressions, that's them that you evaluate. It's common to see it phrased like this in math books: evaluate the following expression. Formulas are just that—formulas. You neither solve them nor evaluate them. You simply use them. There is just nothing about them that could be evaluated or solved. But, you certainly could use them to help you solve an equation or evaluate an expression. So, I would opt for #2 as the correct answer.

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