have you ever faced with this situation? You suggest people to do something but they reject it! after a while the other people suggest the same thing and they accept! can you tell me any expression or idiom that can be used in this situation?

  • Could you please give us an example sentence with a series of blanks for the missing expression? But as things stand right now, one possible expression that I could recommend would be he changed his mind. Commented Jan 15, 2019 at 19:46

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A common expression to say as the person making suggestions is simply

(S)he never listens to me.

and could be used in

Why don't you suggest it to someone they never listen to me.


I may say that. They rejected my idea. However, they came around when Tom (or someone else) told that idea to them. Come around = change their mind


It might not be exactly what you look for, but this might fit:

Some people have double standards.

double standard (noun) = a rule or standard of good behaviour that, unfairly, some people are expected to follow or achieve but other people are not:

  • The governor is being accused of (having) double standards in being tough on law and order yet allowing his own cabinet members to escape prosecution for fraud.

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