There is a genre of art called new media art or media art. What do you think about the expression "I created a media work"?

Edit: If "I created a media work" is incorrect, what is a correct way?


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All art is created through the medium of something or other, whether drawing, painting, sculpture, video or anything else.

This to say that I have created a media work is really a bit vague and self evident.

There's a complication to this however. Media was once the plural of medium but the word has now been reduced by popular usage to the singular and has taken on new meanings. So we constantly here that social media plays... or the news media is.....

I can't speak for the genre of art that you refer to as new media art (even though visitors to art galleries are these days bombarded with sound scapes and video creations).

Assuming that the genre you refer to is recognised, you could speak of creating a new media work But this is ambiguous. It's hard to know whether the word new qualifies media or work.

So you'd be safer avoiding it and resorting to a description such as A work (created) in new media, at least until the expression new media becomes idiomatic among those outside artistic circles.


"I created media art" or "I create media art" might be better as this describes the type of art you have created, and that you create.

If I had produced some digital graphic art and I wanted to ask someone to take a look at it, I might say, "I created digital graphic art, here, come take a look and see what you think?".

Same for media art. "I created media art, please share your thoughts on this magical creation...".


I created a media work

Doesn't really scan, "work" on it's own is rarely used to indicate an individual - you would use "works" for a collection, the genre doesn't really matter (although in some cases you would be able to decipher the intended meaning from context). You can see the same if you say

I created an impressionist work

This doesn't scan either whereas this does:

I created a series of impressionist works

Instead you would use "piece" or "artwork" to indicate the singular so:

I created an impressionist artwork

in your particular case since the genre ends in the term "art" while it would be technically correct to say

I created a "media art" artwork

it's inelegant to say (and to a lesser extent read) so you'd say:

I created a "media art" piece

instead. The quotation marks (when written) are helpful for parsing the "media art" as a single term made up of two words, when saying it either a slight change of inflection on the words or a very slight pause before saying piece would have the same effect.

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