I was wondering, if instead of "well said" I can say "I love how you put it into words" or "I love the way you said it"? I get the feeling that "put into words" is mostly used as an expression of romantic love, like: " I love you so much that I cannot put it into words" and I don't want to write a love letter...

  • You can certainly say I love how you put it into words, but it would not have the same meaning as well said. – Jason Bassford Jan 16 '19 at 16:16

I don't agree that the expression "put into words" is predominantly an expression of romantic love. If anything in your example sentence "I love how you put it into words..." hints at it being romantic I would say it is the word "love"!

If you want to tell somebody that you appreciated the way they phrased something, you could say:

I like the way you expressed that


I like your choice of words


I like the way you phrased that

Alternatives to "like" might be:

  • appreciate
  • identified with

The expression "well said" does not always denote an appreciation for someone's phraseology. It is also used to show appreciation for, or agreement with the sentiments contained in a person's words.

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