"Oxygen deprivation in the retinal cells impairs their ability to process light, causing greyed out vison"

I have a question of the sentence above. I think "causing"is a verb and "greyed out"is also verb. How is this sentence correct grammatically?

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    In this sentence "greyed out" is used as an adjective: greyed out vision. Jan 20 '19 at 16:12
  • Oxygen deprivation greys out vision. The vision becomes greyed out. We call such vision greyed out vision. Lower temperatures freeze water. The water becomes frozen. We call such water frozen water, or ice. Jan 20 '19 at 21:38

"Grey" is a simple straightforward adjective. "To grey" and "to grey out" are verbs formed from that word. "Greyed" or "greyed out" are the participle forms of those 2 verbs. But, as Weather Vane says, in your sentence the participle "greyed out" performs the function of an adjective (not a verb).

So the sentence is correct.


when you want to give more information about something, you can use an adjective to describe it in more detail. e.g.: a light brown suit, a greenish glass, a greyed out vision.

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