How to understand?:

  1. Water strikes at the very heart of need.
  2. Meaning of "need" in 1st question.
  3. salty kind... kind of water or what?

Speaking ahead of the trip Mr Smith said: “Water strikes at the very heart of need. To voyage almost 3,000 miles upon the salty kind will make us intensely aware of places in the world that are without adequate supplies.”

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    It just means that fresh water is essential, a fact you'll realize if you take a trip over 3,000 miles of salt water (which of course you can't drink). – Robusto Jan 22 at 21:25
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    Why do you comment and don‘t post the answer. I understand exacrly the same. – Albrecht Hügli Jan 22 at 21:36
  • Because the question is too trivial for an actual answer. – Robusto Jan 22 at 21:47
  1. The heart is the center of the body - and the most important organ - is standing for the center. It will say: The central, capital, main need is the water.
  2. The salty kind is the water of the sea or salt lake.

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