1.He is an uncle with a beer gut.

2.He is an uncle who has a beer gut.

Thank you for your answers.

And I really wonder if they are correct and natural.Because I'm not good at English and I'm studing it now.

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    The meaning is the same. – CowperKettle Jan 23 at 4:44
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    Either is ok, maybe the second one is a bit better. I would use "beer belly" though. – user3169 Jan 23 at 5:41
  • @user3169 But is the sentence idiomatic? Does it sounds natural? What's the point of saying that someone is "an uncle"? "That man have a few nephews and a beer belly" sounds strange to me. – RubioRic Jan 23 at 12:11
  • Much appreciated. – J.quan Jan 24 at 8:05

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