I heard some people say

I changed my schedule around,

instead of just saying "I changed my schedule." when they, for example, are making college class schedule.

Can I use this expression without "around"? If not, what's the difference between just "change" and "change around"?


Changing your schedule around implies that you went and rescheduled several meetings/appointments (presumably to squeeze another one in)

Changing your schedule could imply merely adding a new meeting, dropping a meeting, or adjusting some start/end times.

As an example, if you wanted to have a meeting from 3-4 tomorrow:

If I accept your meeting, no matter what else I do, my schedule has technically changed. If I have to bump other meetings to future dates, or cancel them, or significantly reorganize things to fit you in, I've "changed around" my schedule.

Consequently, "changing around" generally implies a greater sense of importance for this event/meeting than just changed.

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