Esmeralda was a very light sleeper. She woke as soon as the key turned in the lock. Then, just before Frollo blew out the lantern, Esmeralda saw his face. “Oh, no!” she cried out faintly. “It’s the priest!”. “Have pity on me!” Frollo cried out. “My love for you is like a terrible fire. It’s like a thousand daggers in my heart! Love me! ” He held her tightly as she struggled to get away. “Help! Help!” she cried, as she tried to fight off the priest. But he was too strong for her. With her last bit of strength, she reached out for Quasimodo’s whistle and blew it as hard as she could. Seconds later, Frollo felt a powerful arm pulling him away from Esmeralda. In the darkness, Frollo could not clearly see who it was—but he thought it must be Quasimodo. Then he saw a gleaming sword being raised over his head. “Quasimodo!” he yelled, forgetting that the bell-ringer was deaf. Frollo was sure that he was about to die! Then, suddenly, Quasimodo hesitated. “No! No blood upon her!” he cried out. Frollo felt himself being pulled away.

Does it mean:

1: Nobody should be killed because of her


2: Nobody should be killed in front of her eyes


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I think OP has been misled by comments here. The cited text (shortened from Let there be no blood upon her!) is effectively equivalent to No blood should be spilt (=nobody should be killed) on her account. That's to say, OP's first suggestion above is correct.

Note that in more common usages such as metaphoric There is blood on your hands, the implication isn't usually You killed someone (as a deliberate act) - it's more like You have done/said things that led to someone being killed (as an unintended consequence). And any implication of possible "active / deliberate involvement" is particularly weak in the specific cited context.


And yet it's the second interpretation that is right in this case: Quasimodo wants to spare Esmeralda the horror of seeing him kill Frollo. (So he drags him to another room to do it there).

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