Hey I'm a young photographer and I want to create a website to display my portfoilio. I want to name it:

shots/shoots by - followed by my name

and I don't know what term is correct here.

On the website there will be uploads of multiple photosessions as a whole and not single picture uploads


While "shoot" (as a noun) can refer to a photo session, it refers to the session itself, not to the photos produced, in my experience. "Shoots by X" on a website will just look like a mistake (unless it is a diary of the sessions themselves).

Only "shots" is possible for the photos themselves. If you want to bring out the organisation into sessions, I think you'll need something like "albums" or "collections".

You might just about get away with "photosessions by ... ": using the full word will stop it misdirecting readers, and I think people will guess that it means "The photos from photosessions by ...".

  • Photo shoots is actually more common, at least informally. And photo session is generally an open-form noun, not closed. – Jason Bassford Jan 23 at 16:27
  • Fair comment, @JasonBassford. But "shoots" on its own won't work. – Colin Fine Jan 24 at 0:09

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