I see on the thesaurus dan "event" can means many things. Is there any alternative word that mean a group of people meeting for some kind of scheduled event, but does not carry meaning of tragedy, incident, or stuff that's happening?

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    It might depend on context, but I don't think native speakers would find event ambiguous, so you can use it in this way. In fact, an event space is the common term for "a place to rent for weddings/meetings/parties/etc." and an event planner is a person whose job is to arrange the logistics of such events. – Canadian Yankee Jan 25 '19 at 20:13

There is nothing wrong with using the word event to describe a meeting of sorts.

If you are looking for alternatives, I would suggest: congregation, gathering, assembly.

Then again, some words have slightly different nuances, so really, it depends on what you want to get across to the reader.

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