In movie "Polar" one character uses an invective "shit-spit" for crime organization boss. What does "shit-spit" mean? Could you provide me some definition or alternative term? I found one definition on Urban Dictionary but I am not sure about it:

The water that splashes up into your anus when releasing a turd into the shitter.

She calls him like that behind his back basically. But he knows about that because he heard her saying it during her phone call.

  • A great deal of English vulgarity does not have a literal meaning (or has a literal meaning which is nonsensical or greatly removed from its actual meaning). – Kevin Jan 25 '19 at 20:38

The woman is using


to say that the person is very undesirable, of no value, and annoying, the characteristics of shit-spit.

It would similar if she called him

You worthless piece of shit.

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