Is it correct and polite to end business letter with "Noted. Thank you" as an answer to a letter informing about task completion?

  • This is brief, but that does not make it impolite. – Davo Jan 25 at 13:39
  • It is extremely curt. Although nothing about the words is overtly impolite, the brevity of the message might be interpreted as cold, impersonal, or insincere. This kind of brevity in an email might not be deemed impolite because many use emails as mere notes. But a formal letter of 3 words is almost certain to be viewed as insulting. – Jeff Morrow Jan 25 at 13:59
  • I often end business emails that way to people or companies with whom I often correspond but my choice would always depend on the situation and individuals concerned. In general, they know me and that my response is not intended to be anything but confirmation that I have received their message. – Ronald Sole Jan 25 at 15:31
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    It is not just its brevity which makes the response seem cold. Saying "noted" is a way of acknowledging a message without revealing what one thinks about it. It is like saying "I shall give your proposal the attention it deserves." It could mean "I think this is important and will give it serious consideration." or it could mean "I intend to throw it into the trash can the moment you leave the room." Rather than saying "noted" it is better to express approval: "Thank you for taking care of this problem." or say how one intends to act: "Thank you. I'll let the the team know." – David42 Jan 25 at 16:51
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    I find nothing at all wrong with this. But if you're asking if it's polite or not, that's a matter of opinion (as the contrary responses have indicated), and you're not going to get a good answer. – Jason Bassford Jan 25 at 17:12

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