Is there any diffrence among usage of two verbs .I mean i can make sentence with “ appear “ as below :

It appears that they will come by bus.

Can i use show up instead of appear in this sentence like

It shows up that they will come by bus.

  • "Appear" has a number of meanings; "show up" is a casual/informal synonym for one of them. – Michael Harvey Jan 25 at 23:26

"Appear" has two meanings, your example does not use the one meaning "Show Up"

The word appear can mean "seem, give the impression of being" or "become seen/visible."

In your first sentence, appear has the first meaning, but it is the second that is synonymous with "show up."

So you could never say "It shows up that ... " Here are some examples of the word appear being used for both meanings:

They appeared on the bus. (Showed up)

They appeared to be on the bus. (They gave the impression of being on the bus)

Note that the "seem" meaning is used with the stative verb "to be", while the other meaning uses a transitive or intransitive verb.

  • Or "It looks like they will come by bus." – user3169 Jan 26 at 1:58

The verb show up means to arrive, to attend a gathering or event, to be present.

Did Mike show up at the party? He said he might have to work.

I waited all day, but the package never showed up.

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