Here is the context:

Squats use 2 reps, usually for 10 sets, while bench presses and presses typically use sets of 3, again for 10 sets; both are done with a one-minute rest between sets.Deadlifts work well with 15 singles on a 30-second clock. Weighted chin-ups have even been done this way. It works best to take each set out of the rack on the minute, re-rack it quickly after the set, and focus on the next set during the rest.


On the minute means the moment when the minutes change, i.e., when the seconds are 0. It will help to have a clock that shows the seconds. If you have a digital clock that does not show seconds, you can watch for the moment when the minutes value changes.

It is a fairly unusual phrase, but it is based on the more common on the hour, meaning when the hour changes.

  • Right, just like on the hour.
    – Lambie
    Aug 12 '20 at 1:25

I believe it means "in a minute". I hear this phrase in workout contexts, like:

“Every Minute on the Minute,” are a fun and creative way to manipulate your work-rest ratio during workouts. A predetermined number of reps are assigned for each set, and they must be completed in a minute. If completed faster, a longer rest break may be taken. If the exerciser moves slowly, however, he or she will have a limited rest break before the next set. (source)

So in your sentence it means do each sets with a minute break, just like what the preceding part says.

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