My question is what is correct to say :

  • This concerns you.
  • This is concerning you.
  • Both sentences are grammatical. (They are also both ambiguous. Without further context, it's not clear if it's something of concern to the person or something that is about the person.) Jan 27, 2019 at 16:50

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This concerns you. sounds correct.

There are some verbs that are not usually used in the progressive but mainly used in the present or past simple. These are called stative verbs. These verbs often refer to emotions, senses, and mental states. e.g.: love, see, know… The verb concern is a stative verb and is therefore not usually used in progressive.

However, a few stative verbs are sometimes used with present and past progressive forms. You use a progressive form, when you want to emphasize that a state is temporary. e.g.: I'm loving it. Some people think this usage is incorrect, and it is usually avoided in formal text.

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