Can I use any other with a singular noun in the following context?

  • Hey John, Trump has been awesome as the president of The Usa. I think he is absolutely going to win the next election for president. Is there any other candidate suitable for being president?

I know people would say I should say 'Are there any other people...?'. But when I use plural nouns I am expecting a yes answer. The answerer can say there are many. But I am here expecting a 'no answer. I am not in a position to hear a 'yes answer'. If the answerer said 'yes', I would be very surprised.

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    What do you mean that you expect a yes or no answer depending on whether you use a singular or plural pronoun? – rpeinhardt Jan 28 at 8:14
  • Some people say when you use 'any' with singular nouns, it expresses boubt. I am not sure. So I want to get confirmed. – subhajit dalal Jan 28 at 8:19
  • You could say "is there anyone?" Or "are there any people/candidates?" and imply doubt in the same way using singular or plural nouns. – rpeinhardt Jan 28 at 8:22
  • Thank you. So can I say 'Is there any other candidate suitable for being president?'? – subhajit dalal Jan 28 at 8:27
  • Yep! Absolutely. – rpeinhardt Jan 28 at 9:08

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