When someone is talking a lot and I want that person to stop talking, can I use: Please keep/be quiet.

Why am I confused? Because someone told me that "keep quiet" is used to ask someone to remain quiet while they still are,that is,continue that state to "remaining quiet". So is the use of "keep quiet" natural to ask them to stop talking?

Thank you:);)

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    Someone told you wrong. It's perfectly natural (though usually a bit impolite) to say Please keep quiet! regardless of whether the addressee is currently making any noise or not. But exactly the same applies to Please be quiet!, so you can just choose whichever you like. – FumbleFingers Jan 29 at 16:00

In this context, the word "keep" does not mean "continue to" but "adhere to."

We would also say "keep watch" or "keep the faith." In all three of these examples, what the person is (or was) doing is not considered. It's a command that, regardless of the case, the person should do something.

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