Can I use a verb with -ing after the verb provide like:

This company provide buying this items on the cheap.

I searched it but I couldn't find any answer about this . Although Google Translate translates it to Turkish as I think. I mean after verb takes -ing it becomes noun. Can the noun be used as something?


I can only think of two possibilities.

1) provide something

This institution provides shelter for the homeless.

2) provide one with something

I hope this answer provides you with sufficient information to help you understand the usage of provide.

Using +ing right after provide feels unnatural, ungrammatical. You could rephrase your sentence like this:

The company provides these items on the cheap [for their customers/employees].

  • I just wonder if the verb+ing is noun . Can the noun be used as somethin in a sentence? – Foreign student Jan 30 '19 at 9:04

This company provides buying these items on the cheap. (incorrect)

The answer is no.

You could say, "This company provides the opportunity of buying these items on the cheap."

Note that 'on the cheap' is not a good term to use. It usually refers to goods that may be damaged, counterfeit, or even stolen.

I prefer, "This company provides the opportunity to buy these items at very low prices."

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