Which one is correct?

  1. There is a washbasin under mirror

  2. There is a washbasin under the mirror


Only OP's second example (with the definite article the) is idiomatically valid in this exact sentence.

But it would (just about) be possible to say There is an under-mirror washbasin. That particular utterance is perhaps a little unusual, but an under-floor pipe (with or without the hyphen) is a perfectly natural alternative to a pipe under the floor - where again, that second version more or less requires the article.

The rule of thumb is we normally include the article where it's part of an "adjectival preposition + noun" element that comes after the primary noun being modified...

They laid a cable under the sea

...but not when that adjectival element precedes the relevant noun (cable, in these examples)...

They laid an under sea cable

(or undersea or under-sea - these are trivial different orthographic choices that have nothing to do with the actual grammar involved).

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