I want to write about the following achievement in my resume: I made presentations on a certain software X, which led to 10 people deciding to start using it.

This is the first draft of my sentence.

  • Presented effective use of software X on Y-type projects, leading to 10 people starting to use it.

(X and Y are placeholders, by the way.)

The phrase in bold doesn't seem good. I would like a word or phrase to make it sound more "catchy". The only word I could think of was adopting as in: "... leading to 10 people adopting it."

However, adopting still doesn't sound good enough. While it does get thrown around a lot at my current workplace, I do not know if it would be interpreted in the same way everywhere.

Is there a somewhat more generally understood word or phrase that expresses the above idea?

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    Just to be clear, I did briefly consider asking this question on Workplace.SE but then decided that it is more English-centric than resume-centric.
    – Masked Man
    Mar 20, 2014 at 7:23

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I suggest the use of strong and descriptive words here, while removing the unnecessary.

What did your presentation do to the 10 people? Define their end state.

Here is my take:

  • Presented effective use of software X on Y-type projects, convincing 10 people to use it.

I think the phrasing sounds awkward because of the two -ing words in such close proximity.

You could overcome this by simply using a semi-colon:

Presented effective use of software X on Y-type projects; 10 people started using it.
Presented effective use of software X on Y-type projects; 10 people adopted it.

By the way, I have no problem with adopt as your verb. From NOAD:

adopt (v.) take up or start to use or follow (an idea, method, or course of action): this approach has been adopted by many big banks.

One other thought: is 10 people a lot, or a few? If there were 20 people in the office, that's half the office! If you made your presentation to 200 people, though, that's a smaller percentage of converts.

Assuming 10 represents a significant number, you could try something like:

Use of software X became prevalent after I presented its effective use on Y-type projects.

  • The point about the percentage of converts is a good one. In my case, I wasn't expected to do the presentation, and wasn't even remotely associated with that software. However, I had a great amount of experience with it, and wanted others to benefit as well. In that sense, my work was essentially an "extra achievement". Nonetheless, future readers of this Q&A will likely face this situation too, and that is an important point to consider.
    – Masked Man
    Mar 24, 2014 at 12:46

There could be many...let me list down here a few of them.

Presented on the use of software X on Y-type projects so effectively that 10 people started using it then.
My presentation on the use of software X on Y-type projects made 10 people using it.
My presentation convinced 10 people to use software X on Y-type projects.
My presentation simply turned 10 attendees into customers! *(-I'll use this to impress others if software is commercial or else simply replace customers with users)*.

And there could be many...

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