I'm not sure if this is the right place to post a question like the following (and if not, I'd be happy to be redirected to a better one, maybe still on StackExchange), but since I have no other ideas, I'll ask anyway:

I've recently taken the CAE (Cambridge English Advanced, or C1 level) exam, being awarded grade A with an overall score of 205 on the Cambridge English Scale, which corresponds to CEFR C2 level.

My question is: can I write on my CV that I achieved C2 level or not?

INFO: The front page of my certificate states:

Cambridge English Level 3 Certificate in ESOL International (Advanced)*

This is to certify that NAME SURNAME has been awarded Grade A in the Certificate in Advanced English

Performance at Grade A demonstrates an ability at Level 3* and Council of Europe Level C2

Overall Score 205


*This level refers to the UK National Qualifications Framework

On the back:

Results are reported using scores on the Cambridge English Scale and certificates are awarded to candidates who achieve the following grades:

Grade A - CEFR Level C2 (score 200-210)

Grade B - CEFR Level C1 (score 193-199)

Grade C - CEFR Level C1 (score 180-192)

Candidates who have achieved a score between 200 and 210 (Grade A) have demonstrated ability at CEFR Level C2. Candidates who have not achieved a passing grade, but score between 160 and 179, receive a certificate stating they demonstrated ability at CEFR Level B2.

Asking to a couple of friends and to the manager of the English school where I took the test I got opposing views on the subject. Can you enlighten me?

For the time being my choice is to state this on my CV:

Certified C2 level, Cambridge English C1 Advanced qualification (Dec. 2018)
Cambridge English Scale score: 205
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    You may have to produce the certificate, and it does not certify C2 level. It says your ability is equivalent to C2, so you should put what the certifcate says, and not be interpretive. – Weather Vane Feb 1 at 18:18
  • @WeatherVane how would you state it, providing both the information of the test taken (C1) and the equivalence of the achieved score to C2? – english_curious Feb 1 at 18:24
  • Writing CVs is off topic, but you must never put anything in a CV that you can be called out on. You achieved Grade A in the Certificate in Advanced English, equivalent to CEFR level C2. – Weather Vane Feb 1 at 18:26
  • These certifications are bologney. I've seen these cambridge books teach completely bad grammar. Like, "'between' is supposed to be used with 2 objects, and 'among' with more than 2", or "you can't say 'very delighted', because 'delighted' is an absolute adjective and you're not supposed to use it with very", I would never take an exam from any one of these organizations, let alone care if someone has a certification from them. – hey_you Feb 24 at 12:35

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