The new Pope of Fools was brought out in triumph. It was then that everyone realized the man had not been making a face—this was his real face! Indeed, his whole body was ugly. His head was covered with coarse red hair. Between his shoulders rose an enormous hump. His legs were strangely put together, and his hands and feet were huge. Still, there was an air of strength and courage about him. He looked like a giant who had been broken into pieces and then carelessly reassembled.

Dose it mean: His leg was like parenthesis and when he walked his leg met each other?

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"To put [something] together" is to assemble it. So "strangely put together" means they (his legs) were "assembled" in a strange way.

If this is a real human being, the author is speaking figuratively, and he means that the legs of the Pope of Fools are malformed. He must have some kind of deformity. (It looks as if his legs had been assembled incorrectly in some factory or workshop.)


I think it could either mean his legs literally came together like you describe, maybe at the knees - or just that his legs looked strange in a general way, where "put together" would mean "built" or even "neat/attractive" (though in a strange way - but this is less likely given the other negative descriptions of his appearance). See the different definitions of "put together" here: https://idioms.thefreedictionary.com/put+together

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